How to protect your child from indoctrination.

It’s no secret that American college campuses have gone absolutely insane. Every time you turn on the news, or go online it seems like there is at least one story of a college professor coming out to call President Trumps election an act of terrorism, or colleges seeing walkouts, protests, or even violence when any form of dissent to progressive orthodoxy is present. Colleges restrict the topics students can discuss, and often segregate politically active students during their activism to small “Speech zones” far from other students. Ensuring that their attempts at making change are easy to ignore and fruitless. Students have been arrested for handing out the constitution outside of these speech zones. College administrations control what is said, who it’s said by and where it can be said. This, coupled with a distinct liberal bias of academia, a study of which shows that for every 12 liberal professor, there is 1 conservative professor (libertarians aren’t even surveyed) leads to colleges becoming incredibly expensive reeducation centers.

Karl Marx is the single most taught economist in the American college system. Gender is often taught as a spectrum, and the focus on identity supersedes concepts of merit or capability. Colleges are working to racially segregate dormitories; safe spaces are often times exclusive to certain “marginalized” groups and rape hysteria has led to the shutting down of due process.

This trend has concerned many conservatives, to the point republicans now have an overwhelmingly negative opinions about the effect of higher education on our society. While there is no data on how libertarians stand, it’s safe to assume that they, like me are also fed up with college craziness. People are right to be worried. The political culture on campuses undoubtedly has an effect on our society. Millennials are more open to the concept of socialism and more against free speech than any other demographic. After an event, I spoke at not long ago, a mother came up to me and told me about how thoroughly her relationship with her son was destroyed by his embracing of radical leftism, and his new-found hatred for her due to her politics.

Many parents I’ve talked to have told me that they’re considering not helping their children to pay for college because they’d just be paying for their child’s indoctrination. I don’t think that that’s the right decision. Colleges are expensive, but we are a society of credentials. Degrees are important in the path to getting a good paying job, and the experience of college can be very important to the development of young adults. While there are great programs out their like Praxis, for the foreseeable future a college degree will remain an important part of many people’s careers.

The good news is that there are ways to protect your kids from becoming another shrieking 3rd wave feminist, or economically illiterate Bernie Bro. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you and your son or daughter choose a school that will teach them skills, and not the Intersectional nature of underwater basket weaving. and are both great resources to find out what the campus left is up to on a specific campus. Turning Point has a professors watchlist, which allows people to research professors, their backgrounds and what kind of things they’ve said or finding every possible indiscretion in the name of thoroughness. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has a pretty comprehensive list of schools of different school’s free speech policies. Step one in protecting your child’s investment in their future is knowing what they’re getting into.

Another important step is to ensure that they’re exposed to different points of view. No matter where your kid ends up going, it’s important for their intellectual health that they’re exposed to many different points of view. The big problem with colleges isn’t that they’re teaching liberalism, but that they’re only teaching liberalism. Being locked into an echo chamber ensures the ostracism of students who become or remain conservative and libertarian and the indoctrination of liberal and undecided students. By sending your child Prageru videos, books like Thomas DiLorenzo’s “The Problem with Socialism” or any other libertarian or conservative sources, you will be doing them a favor. As a student myself, I can assure you that what many of want more of is real debate, dissent, and disagreement. I’m in college to find the truth, not to be spoon fed an ideology, or protected from opinions I disagree with. My ability to understand differing points of view and think critically were instilled by my parents, not by schooling. These skills have helped me in life more than any lesson I’ve taken or book I’ve read, and it was fostered by my parents challenging what I thought I knew, and making me want to learn more. By giving your kid something to think about, you help them grow, and give them the critical thinking skills that will protect them from any form of indoctrination.

Finally, encourage your kid to get involved in a student group. Student organizations help by bringing likeminded people together to discus, learn and be active. They are the ground force in the fight against campus censorship and the teaching of progressive orthodoxy. Young Americans For Liberty and Students for Liberty are two of the best libertarian groups to be found in college activism. Turning Point USA is a bit more conservative than libertarian, but many of us libertarians have found a safe home in our local TPUSA chapters, as they focus on issues which Libertarians and conservatives agree. The Young Americans Foundation and College Republicans are two conservative groups that are very active and PragerForce is an online group that gives students access to a network of high functioning student activists and important resources. Student groups are a great way for a person to break into politics and learn responsibility, but more importantly, they show dissenting students that they’re not alone, that they’re not crazy, and that there are people out there with the same values and ideals.

College is an important time in a person’s intellectual development. They need to hear different points of view. They should change their opinions on some issues, as new facts are presented and flaws in their thinking exposed. If your kid disagrees with you more after they go to college: Good. They should find themselves intellectually. The purpose of this article is to say help you protect your kid from indoctrination, not from a legitimate and organic change in beliefs. Even if your son or daughter becomes a liberal, or a progressive, as long as they’re capable of hearing differing points of view, admitting when they’re wrong and open to new evidence, they’re not indoctrinated. I am not advocating for the changing of a liberal echo chamber for a libertarian or conservative one, and I certainly hope you don’t use this article to build one. I am saying that colleges are supposed to be a place to learn and grow organically. Many colleges are having trouble fulfilling that role, and so It can fall on you, the parent to help. No matter what happens, your kid is your kid. Love them, even if they come home with bright pink hair and gauges.